Thursday, 8 November 2012

Online Govt Jobs Preparation-Simplification-Part1

Online Govt Jobs Preparation
Hello guys, we launch our first video for online govt jobs preparation. This video explains the basic concept of simplification that will help you solve your questions in fractions of seconds. We all know that in exams we need to solve 2 questions in less than a minute at that time you cannot follow your basic pattern that we have followed in our school. 

In examination hall everyone is saving time to solve their questions as much as they can. We have lots of questions to solve in specified hours or minutes so we need to play smart and learn some tricks or shortcuts. We strive to deliver the best of our knowledge to our students.  

First Video For Online Govt Jobs Preparation

Practice Questions Coming Soon...


  1. Really your blog/ site is very good and lucrative.. I was trying my best to make a such type of blog. But unfortunately my 3 years had gone waste. I m not a btech but desirous to learn more. Plz look at my blog and give ur view or suggestion


  3. Madam please upload some more example videos of syllogism.

  4. Thanks Mam for giving your precious knowledge to us

  5. Mam thanks for all this video all this are very usefull for us


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