Are you going to take Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Exam ? Keep these tips in mind always By Gurmeet Singh

Hello Dear Students,

Welcome to Today I will guide you, how you can crack your UPSC examination in one go.

These tips and guidelines are basically for the beginners who always face challenges before attempting the exam of UPSC about How to study, When to study, How to make Time Table Chart, How to begin and How Should be the Preparation.

Friends before moving forward, I would like to highlight one thing that is obviously about you only, you must always use and follow your own strategies as everyone is unique in thoughts and concepts and you are one of all. Always try to see your strength & weakness also. I will guide you how to prepare but I want you to build your study plan according to you.

You can share your daily routine with me on & I will make a time table for you that need to be followed by you anyhow

Lets Get Started:-

I believe Good start gives the best result always. so we will start our journey with the best strategies and plans.

See, you need to choose your subject because you have your own educational background of which subject you have studied and completed your education. Educational Background plays an important role before moving forward to the UPSC, then which university and branch you have studied from.

I have divided the Educational categories in Two (2) Parts:- Because almost 70% role of 4 subjects of General Studies in UPSC exam.

4 Subjects are  History, Geography, Politics and Economics.

Now, lets talk about the Stream/ Subject you are studying or have studied. If you are a student of Arts then there are different ways of initiating and if you are a student of Commerce or Science then there are different strategies for the preparation of Civil Services Exam.

Arts:  If you are a student of Arts Subject that is also known as Humanities. You must have studied those 4 subjects I have mentioned above or perhaps you have any one subject out of those 4 subjects in your specialization too.

Commerce & Science:  But if you are a student of Commerce or Science then things are different. Whenever you have studied or discussed about the civil services examination in books, magazines, internet, family members or friends, all have suggested you to go with N.C.E.R.T. Books.

Yes, they are right but remember one thing, only N.C.E.R.T. books are not enough to prepare for the exam but yes, reading N.C.E.R.T. will be the best start. Recommended N.C.E.R.T. of 6th to 12th Standard.

One thing I would like to sincerely highlight as an advice:  Always try to study or learn things as you are the kid of 4 years who never hesitates to learn new things from anywhere. So never let negativity come in your mind that I am the student of graduation then how can I read the books of 6th standard at all.

Starting with 6th standard books will not only lead you to success but it helps in building your foundation of success strong also and soon you will observe that you understand the concept very deeply & this is the exact requirement of UPSC.

Another thing you need to understand is your age for attempting for the UPSC exam. These days students and their parents become very serious, curious & alert to get ready for the preparation of any competitive or entrance exam and students start preparation during their studies whether they are in 11th  12th Standard, Graduation, or Post Graduation. I will let you know the things in different division of the age criteria. So lets get started:-

11th  12th Standard  I personally would like to appreciate & hats off to all of you who aim to be a civil servant of the country at their early age and furthermore I would like to advise you to have patience because present you are in just 11th or 12th class and at this age the maturity level is bit not grown up well.

You should be very positive towards your career and just because you think you have to be up to the mark, never ever start cramming the subjects lest you should fail. But start gradually to study step by step, like  Start Reading Newspaper everyday (Hindi- English) and make habit of listening to the daily news in the television or radio.

Initially things become difficult and hard to figure out but gradually you will start understanding things in sometime and for that you need to change your way of studying totally, this will not be your school homework that you just need to complete anyhow. Unless and until you have deep knowledge you cant crack this exam.

Graduate & Post Graduates  For Graduates, I would like to suggest you to choose your optional subject now before preparing for UPSC. The subject you select if not relate to your studies, still you need to choose one of the optional subjects and start reading/learning the subject for the exam and believe me when you will appear the exam after few years, you find that optional subject is quite easy to crack.

Rest I would like to suggest the same as I said for 11th  12th Standard  Start Reading Newspaper everyday (Hindi- English) and make habit of listening to the daily news in the television or radio. Start reading books beyond your subjects and course  different books of different personalities. Books of your interest like sports, stories, motivation, world, nature and environment etc. Listen to the lectures of personalities, try to be social, meet new people every day, improve your language, improve your writing, improve your listening, improve your speaking, make yourself positive & different from others. Start writing good things about everyone and everything.

Trust me, this will help you in the best way to do anything in the world, this will not only develop your personality but always make you the different from others. People will value your words.

Speak whenever it is required. Less and effective words leave good impression always. High & big talks always ruin the value of person. Always keep this in mind speak facts and genuine talk.

Message to all my friends  I am not your teacher but your well-wisher and friend. I always love to help you in providing the right direction in all way of success. The day will be the most happiest when I get to know that you follow all my advice and achieve what you always dream about. Always be positive and have a strong will power.

One More Message I want to convey  In the country there are crore people who are preparing for the competition exams. They desperately want Government Jobs, no matter in what sector. But many have target for some jobs that they only want to go for Bank, SSC, and UPSC etc.

Job can be any but always remember, success is permanent to those who value and respect it. Government jobs give respect and status in any sector but it does not mean you will take undue advantage of this respect or duty you are given.

Many people want to prepare for the UPSC just to have status and for the luxurious life style and try false way to get money and fame. But at the end the result is bad to worst so do not waste the seat just because you want to get name & fame, but if you really dream about this job and desperate for UPSC, and want to serve the nation at your level best then always be honest to your duty and the oath you take after the selection. Once you break your oath, you will fall on your face soon.

?You are supposed to do something that will make you feel proud of your nation by your honesty and duty.

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