Thinking About Becoming an Online Teacher?

Well, you are at the right platform where in, not only you will be getting an opportunity to spreading your skills and knowledge to millions of the students around the globe, but also get to know the power of Education / power of Teacher. With GJP a powerful platform of online learning, create your profile by filling the form given below, upload your subject/s to teach and show your caliber and simultaneously earn handsome income. The course you will teach will be shared everywhere and you will be paid after every purchase of your course. You will be known all over the world. We will give you a platform where you can help everyone to learn new thing, new skills, gain knowledge, and become career oriented. Stay connected and updated to get more and be a part of GJP.

How to Fill the Form

While filling the form first you mention your name, Email ID, Phone Number, Your Qualification, Subject/s you want to teach according to your expertise, skills, passion or knowledge. You can mention multiple subjects (Separate them by Comma); you can choose any subject/topic/course of any class. You can make the course of any or multiple language to explore your skills. You can also share your achievements or dreams; you can also upload PDFs or any study material for the students

After choosing the subject/s to teach, you have to upload your image (Image should be very clear and visible. Then, you need to upload one video of your teaching; it can be an introductory video on what you will teach or any subject/topic of your choice. You can use Camcorder / DSLR / Mobile to create the video providing that it should be very clear and understood to the audience. You can also create screen recording videos through mobile / TABLETS / Screen Video Recorder etc.

Enter the Captcha and write your message if you have anything to say. And finally send the form for the approval by clicking on Send for Approval button

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